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Savana Cargo


MSRPfrom $27,114

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* Based on 3500 3dr Van



2005 GMC Savana Cargo

Those interested in the 2005 GMC Savana Cargo 3500 3dr Van can explore many of its specifics here.

Curb Weight Specs

The 2005 GMC Savana Cargo 3500 3dr Van has a curb weight of 5470. This is how much the vehicle weighs when not in operation.

Pricing Details

The manufacturer’s suggested retail cost for this vehicle is $27,114.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is a measurement of the distance from the chassis of a truck to the ground. The ground clearance of this GMC is 7.6.

Wheelbase Specs

Wheelbase is a horizontal calculation. It measures the distance between the front and back wheels of a vehicle. This GMC wheelbase is 135.0.

Fuel Capacity

Trucks with a larger fuel capacity can hold more gasoline and need to be filled up less regularly. This truck has a gas capacity of 31.


Anti-lock brakes enhance control when stopping. This GMC does include 4-wheel anti-lock brakes.

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