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Savana Cargo


MSRPfrom $24,435

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* Based on 2500 3dr Van



2005 GMC Savana Cargo

The following specifications feature important details about this GMC.

Curb Weight Specifics

The weight of a vehicle when devoid of passengers and not in use is its curb weight. The 2005 GMC Savana Cargo 2500 3dr Van has a curb weight of 5346.

Pricing Details

The 2005 GMC Savana Cargo 2500 3dr Van sells for around $24,435.

Ground Clearance

Drivers that regularly drive on treacherous terrain will benefit from a greater than average ground clearance. On this vehicle, the ground clearance is 7.6.

Wheelbase Measurement

A vehicle’s wheelbase impacts its general balance and stability. This truck has a wheelbase of 135.0.

Gas Capacity

Fuel capacity is a measure of how much gas a vehicle’s gas tank can hold. The fuel capacity for the 2005 GMC Savana Cargo 2500 3dr Van is 31.

Brake Specs

Anti-lock brakes increase control when stopping. This GMC does include 4-wheel anti-lock brakes.

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