These are the Best Luxury Car Features

These are the Best Luxury Car Features

The luxury car segment includes a higher price tag for models, but drivers who have the budget for brands like BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Infiniti, Porsche and other high-end manufacturers might not be concerned with the sticker price.

These buyers might just want the luxury ride and the amenities featured in these cars. Every brand might offer its own extensive list of luxury standard features. For example, some might consider leather interior to be a standard of luxury. The best luxury car features go beyond leather and wood trim, though.

Luxury brands expand to couture vehicles. For these cars, any feature might be a possibility. Yet, not many buyers could afford a Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini. For the luxury auto fanatic, these are the best luxury features that can elevate the ride into extravagance:

  • Augmented reality heads-up display
  • Exclusive lighting designs on the ceiling
  • Massaging seats
  • Premium sound systems
  • Autonomous driving features
  • Champagne chiller 
  • Umbrellas 

Luxury Could be Customized

Depending on the manufacturer, certain car details might be customizable. Some buyers might opt for extensive customization. One Bugatti owner requested a paint design so intricate it took years for the company to create the design on the vehicle. However, the dream became reality and the Bugatti Divo was nicknamed the Lady Bug.

Some car brands might offer extensive options for buyers. Instead of a few interior color options, there could be an extensive amount of choices. Buyers might be able to choose from multiple interior materials and/or hues.

Best Luxury Car Features

Some Luxury Features Can Be Small but Impactful

The Rolls Royce Phantom offers umbrellas in the vehicle. While this seems like a small addition, it screams elegance. Stuck in a rainstorm? In the Phantom this isn’t an issue. The umbrellas are conveniently tucked away in case the weather becomes dreary.

Little elegant touches and upgrades show the attention to detail of luxury brands. Not every manufacturer would think to include an umbrella. Some manufacturers, however, are anticipating every need of their buyer/client; this is what can set a luxury brand apart. TopGear notes that the storage area for the umbrellas even has holes that allow the water to drain; the Phantom won’t be impacted by that moisture.

Rolls Royce also includes a champagne chiller in its Cullinan. TopGear explains the chiller is located in the back and comes with two glasses. The Crystal is not included, however. The Cullinan starts at $348,500.

Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display

Many vehicles include infotainment screens and heads-up displays that include the car’s data and/or show the views from the cars camera systems. However, some luxury vehicles now offer augmented reality heads-up displays.

Audi’s Q4 e-tron and Q4 e-tron Sportback both offer an augmented reality heads-up display as an optional feature. Data is displayed over the windshield; drivers will see directional arrows for navigation as well as other driving information.

As augmented reality becomes more interwoven into daily life, more auto manufacturers could make augmented reality displays a part of their models.

Best Luxury Car Features

Exclusive Lighting Designs Integrate Celestial Beauty

Rolls Royce offers yet another luxury feature that is heavenly (literally). The Starlight Headliner feature allows buyers to customize a star pattern on the ceiling of their vehicle with LED lights. These star patterns could be created to represent a zodiac constellation or perhaps even the night sky of a wedding day. Rolls Royce notes that the star pattern on the ceiling takes eight to nine hours to design.

Massaging Seats Keep Travel Relaxing

Many vehicles allow buyers to opt for power front seats that can be easily adjusted or to add heated seats that provide warmth on a cold winter day. However, some luxury manufacturers also include massaging seats as an option.

For drivers who have had a long and tiring day, a nice back massage in the parking lot could be a relaxing way to unwind before venturing on a long commute home. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Lexus, Jaguar, Lincoln and Volvo all offer models with this option.

Premium Sound Systems Amplify the Playlist

For luxury cars, premium sound systems are likely a standard feature. However, every brand might prefer a different system. Buyers who are researching the luxury models might check out the type of stereo system offered as a standard feature.

MotorBiscuit released its list of the five cars with the best sound systems; the models included:

  • 2021 Corvette Stingray (Bose)
  • Acura TLX (Elliot Scheiner was behind the system; he’s a Grammy Award-winning producer)
  • 2021 BMW X7 (Harman Kardon)
  • 2021 Cadillac CT4 (Bose)
  • 2021 Lexus ES (Mark Levinson)

Manufacturers of the highest-end luxury automobiles like Bentley and Rolls Royce offer their own premium systems. The Rolls Royce Phantom offers a “bespoke audio system.” Bentley features Naim for Bentley audio systems.

Best Luxury Car Features

Autonomous Driving Features Are Still Hands-On

Many electric vehicles are designated as luxury models. These vehicles also include some type of self-driving option. While no current vehicle for consumer purchase is equipped to drive completely unaided, the ‘auto’ function can be useful to drivers.

Manufacturers like Tesla explain that their Autopilot feature should only be used with the driver’s assistance; this feature doesn’t allow for the vehicle to drive without driver aid. Autopilot steers, accelerates and applies the brakes of the vehicle, but, again, the driver must be aware at all times when using the option.

On a Budget? Shop for Entry-Level Luxury Vehicles

If the budget isn’t bottomless, buyers need to decide and understand just where their financial limitations end. For those shopping luxury on a budget or who are looking for their first luxury cars, many brands offer ‘entry-level’ vehicles. These luxury cars are the most economical in the lineup, but they still bear the coveted name of the brand.

Entry-level cars could help buyers get a feel for a brand and what it has to offer. The entry-level buyer might become a mid-tier luxury buyer and then a top-tier buyer. For those who are interested in an entry-level Mercedes, the price begins at $33,950 for a Mercedes-Benz A Class. The 718 Cayman is the entry-level sports car for Porsche, and the model starts at $63,400.

Other brands might offer similarly priced entry-level models. Again, though, buyers might need to research their options to find a luxury entry-level model that fits their budget.

Buyers also might be curious about what comes standard with entry-level luxury. Don’t expect a light show on the ceiling or even leather seats as standard. For the entry-level Porsche 718 Cayman, power seats also are an option (not standard). Bose sound systems also are an upgrade for this Porsche model.

However, buyers can enjoy upgraded features like real-time traffic updates as a standard feature in some luxury automobiles (including the Cayman). Maybe the biggest luxury perk for buyers is saying they drive a Porsche, a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz.

Luxury Might Have More Options as the Budget Increases

Car buyers with a generous budget—or no budget—might focus their research on luxury automobiles at the top of the luxury spectrum.

With luxury automobiles, the sky really could be the limit. For example, a Rolls Royce can easily cost $350,000. Some manufacturers like Ferrari might offer limited edition models that soar much higher. In fact, some luxury or couture cars might cost millions.

While car owners will likely keep these vehicles safe in a collection, some could opt to hit the road in the vehicle. As for the options, million-dollar vehicles might offer whatever the buyer wants.

Every vehicle and brand might offer different luxury standard features and perhaps different optional upgrades, too. The more buyers have to spend on their luxury car, though, the more options they might have at their disposal.

Some luxury brands might be out of a buyer’s grasp no matter how much money they have to spend. Ferrari is known for being choosy about who can purchase their vehicles—especially limited-edition models. Owning a Ferrari isn’t a privilege granted to everyone apparently, and those who do gain the privilege of ownership need to follow a few rules and guidelines.

According to MotorBiscuit, Ferrari doesn’t allow for cars to be painted any shade of pink or coral. The site explained that Ferrari owners also cannot modify the engine, and they can’t sell their vehicle during the first year. In addition, if the buyer also owns a Lamborghini, they probably won’t have the privilege of owning a limited edition Ferrari.

Ferrari pays attention to what owners do with their cars. For example, the DJ Deadmau5 decided to modify his Ferrari into a ‘Purrari’ with a wrap. Stites reported that Ferrari sent him a cease and desist letter that alleged copyright infringement. He later removed the wrap and reverted back to the car’s original look.

What are the Best Luxury Car Features?

Buyers looking for the best luxury car features might realize that the list of options can be extensive and pretty extravagant. When buying a Rolls Royce, a constellation of stars can be customized on the ceiling; some models even offer umbrellas and a champagne chiller.

Bugatti spent two years perfectly capturing the custom paint request of a buyer. In addition, for those fortunate enough to purchase a Ferrari, the brand offers a Personalization Program. Ultimately, if buyers have the budget, there might be a brand that allows them to buy exactly what they want and add the luxurious features they demand.