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Land Rover



MPG (Gasoline) 19 / 14

MSRPfrom $114,400

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* Based on 110 Carpathian Edition AWD 4dr SUV



2022 Land Rover Defender

Reviewing the specifics of an SUV can help purchasers make an informed choice about whether or not it is the ideal sport utility vehicle for them.


Drivers can expect an average MPG of 14 for city driving and 19 for highway driving with this particular SUV.

Trim Choices

Trim packages are different versions of a specific model that are available. Typically, a vehicle will have a standard trim level, as well as trim packages available for an additional fee. The 2022 Land Rover Defender AWD 110 Carpathian Edition 4dr SUV can be purchased in 18 trim levels, which include the AWD 110 Carpathian Edition 4dr SUV, AWD 110 S 4dr SUV, AWD 110 SE 4dr SUV, AWD 110 Standard 4dr SUV, AWD 110 Trophy Edition 4dr SUV, AWD 110 V8 4dr SUV, AWD 110 X 4dr SUV, AWD 110 X-Dynamic HSE 4dr SUV, AWD 110 X-Dynamic SE 4dr SUV, AWD 110 XS Edition 4dr SUV, AWD 90 Carpathian Edition 2dr SUV, AWD 90 S 2dr SUV, AWD 90 Standard 2dr SUV, AWD 90 V8 2dr SUV, AWD 90 X 2dr SUV, AWD 90 X-Dynamic HSE 2dr SUV, AWD 90 X-Dynamic S 2dr SUV, AWD 90 X-Dynamic SE 2dr SUV.

Engine Specifications

Internal combustion, hybrid, and electric engines are all common options on modern sport utility vehicles. This particular SUV has a Internal Combustion.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking systems, which come in different types, can stop a wreck from happening or reduce the impact of a collision. This SUV has a front and front pedestrian automatic emergency braking system.

Drivetrain Specifics

The drivetrain sends power to the engine’s wheels and makes forward momentum possible. One kind of drivetrain is front-wheel drive, which means that engine power is sent to the front wheels. Conversely, rear-wheel drive means power is sent toward the rear wheels. Four-wheel drive is when power is sent to all wheels but when a rear-wheel drive feature is also available as required. With all-wheel drive, the wheels will either always have engine power or will only have engine power when increased traction is needed. Drivers of the 2022 Land Rover Defender AWD 110 Carpathian Edition 4dr SUV are equipped with AWD.

Transmission Specifications

Sport utility vehicles can be purchased with automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, as well as automated manual or continuously variable transmissions. This SUV has a A transmission.

Styling Specs

Interior choices for this Land Rover are as follows:Ebony, while the exterior options are Carpathian Grey Metallic.


The 2022 Land Rover Defender AWD 110 Carpathian Edition 4dr SUV can safely seat seat up to 5 passengers.

Length of Vehicle

Longer sport utility vehicles may fare better in a crash than smaller ones. This Land Rover has a vehicle length of 197.60.

Cargo Specifics

Purchasers of this Land Rover have 34.00cubic feet of cargo space for storage.

Steering Details

SUVs are typically heavy vehicles, which makes a reliable, easy-to-use steering system important. The 2022 Land Rover Defender AWD 110 Carpathian Edition 4dr SUV has a variable/speed-proportional steering system.

Interior Details

With 2 rows of seating, this Land Rover has ample room.

Towing Specs

Drivers can tow with a hitch for a maximum towing capacity of 8201 pounds.

Pricing Details

SUVs are available at vastly different price points. For this specific one, the MSRP is $114,400.



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