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MPG (Gasoline) 25 / 21

MSRPfrom $27,200

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* Based on EX AWD 4dr SUV



2017 Kia Sportage

Learn about the details of the 2017 Kia Sportage AWD EX 4dr SUV. Different important specs are covered in great detail below.

Mileage Specs

Many, but not all, SUVs tend to get lower miles per gallon than sedans. The 2017 Kia Sportage AWD EX 4dr SUV gets 21 and 25 on average.

Trim Options

This SUV is available in 6 trim levels. Buyers can pick from the AWD EX 4dr SUV, AWD LX 4dr SUV, AWD SX Turbo 4dr SUV, EX 4dr SUV, LX 4dr SUV, SX Turbo 4dr SUV.

Engine Details

On the base-level 2017 Kia Sportage AWD EX 4dr SUV drivers get a Internal Combustion.

Drivetrain Specs

The drivetrain sends power to the engine’s wheels and makes forward momentum possible. One kind of drivetrain is front-wheel drive, which means that engine power is sent toward the front wheels. Likewise, rear-wheel drive means power is directed toward the rear wheels. Four-wheel drive is when power is sent to all wheels but when a rear-wheel drive option is also available as needed. With all-wheel drive, the wheels will either always have engine power or will only have engine power when increased traction is needed. Drivers of the 2017 Kia Sportage AWD EX 4dr SUV are equipped with AWD.

Transmission Specs

The transmission affects how an SUV functions and shifts between gears. With an automatic transmission, shifting happens without necessary driver engagement. Manual transmissions require the driver to move between gears. Continuously variable transmissions, which do not use gears, and direct shift gearbox transmissions, which feature manual controls but an automatic clutch, are also common varieties. This sport utility vehicle has a A transmission.

Styling Specs

Interior varieties for this Kia are as follows:Black and Gray, while the exterior options are Mineral Silver, Pacific Blue, Black Cherry, Sparkling Silver, Hyper Red, Burnished Copper and Snow White Pearl.

Seating Capacity

This vehicle can seat as many as 5.

Length of Vehicle

The longer a vehicle is, the better the frontal protection. This automobile has a vehicle length of 176.40.

Cargo Specifics

For transporting cargo of various types, this SUV offers 30.70 cubic feet.

Interior Specs

The 2017 Kia Sportage AWD EX 4dr SUV has 2 rows of seating.


Drivers can tow with a hitch for a maximum towing capacity of 2000 pounds.


The MSRP is $27,200.

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