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MPG (Gasoline) 28 / 22

MSRPfrom $28,250

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* Based on Sport 4dr SUV



2021 Hyundai TUCSON

Each Hyundai is different. Here are the specs for the 2021 Hyundai Tucson Sport 4dr SUV. Shoppers can compare these details to select the right SUV.


Many, but not all, SUVs tend to get fewer MPG than sedans. The 2021 Hyundai Tucson Sport 4dr SUV gets 22 and 28 on average.

Trim Choices

The 2021 Hyundai Tucson Sport 4dr SUV can be purchased in 12 trim levels. These include the AWD Limited 4dr SUV, AWD SE 4dr SUV, AWD SEL 4dr SUV, AWD Sport 4dr SUV, AWD Ultimate 4dr SUV, AWD Value 4dr SUV, Limited 4dr SUV, SE 4dr SUV, SEL 4dr SUV, Sport 4dr SUV, Ultimate 4dr SUV, Value 4dr SUV.

Engine Details

Internal combustion, hybrid, and electric engines are all common options on modern sport utility vehicles. This particular SUV has a Internal Combustion.

Automatic Emergency Braking

There are different categories of automatic emergency braking systems. These include forward or front systems, rear systems, city speed systems, highway systems, and more. This sport utility vehicle comes with a front system.

Drivetrain Specifics

The drivetrain sends power to the engine’s wheels and makes forward momentum possible. One type of drivetrain is front-wheel drive, which means that engine power is directed at the front wheels. Likewise, rear-wheel drive means power is sent at the back wheels. Four-wheel drive is when power is sent to all wheels but when a rear-wheel drive option is also available as needed. With all-wheel drive, the wheels will either always have engine power or will only have engine power when increased traction is necessary. Drivers of the 2021 Hyundai Tucson Sport 4dr SUV are equipped with FWD.

Transmission Details

Transmissions are available as automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, and automated manual or direct shift gearbox transmissions. This particular SUV has a A transmission.

Styling Details

The exterior and interior of an SUV do not affect its performance but may be important to some drivers. For this vehicle, interior and exterior options include Black, Gray and Beige for the interior and Black Noir Pearl, Dusk Blue, Aqua Blue, Stellar Silver, Magnetic Force, Winter White, White Cream, Red Crimson, White Pearl, Coliseum Gray and Ash Black for the exterior.

Seating Details

This SUV has seats for 5.

Length Specs

Some studies indicate bigger and longer sport utility vehicles are better protected in a collision. This vehicle’s length is 176.40.

Cargo Specifics

Purchasers of this Hyundai have 31.00cubic feet of cargo space for storage.


A well-made steering system allows for increased control over vehicles. This is especially important with bigger vehicles, including SUVs. This Hyundai features a variable/speed-proportional steering system.

Interior Specs

Occupants have access to 2 rows of seating.


This vehicle has a maximum towing capacity of 2000 pounds.


The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this SUV is $28,250.

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