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Savana Passenger


MSRPfrom $37,240

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* Based on LT 3500 3dr Passenger Van



2018 GMC Savana Passenger

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Trucks are more powerful than the basic sedan and are typically equipped for towing. The 2018 GMC Savana Passenger LT 3500 3dr Passenger Van has a maxtowing capacity of 9400.

Curb Weight Details

This truck’s curb weight is 6012. This weight includes all included operating equipment, fuel, and other fluids, oils, and liquids the truck needs to operate optimally.


The asking cost for this 2018 GMC Savana Passenger LT 3500 3dr Passenger Van is $37,240.

Ground Clearance

Drivers that frequently travel on difficult terrain will benefit from a higher than average ground clearance. On this truck, the ground clearance is 7.7. Seating Specs Up to 12 passengers can ride in this GMC.


Wheelbase is measured from the middles of the front wheels to the middles of the rear wheels. This truck has a wheelbase of 135.0.

Fuel Capacity

This particular truck has a gasoline capacity of 31.


Anti-lock brakes facilitate quicker, smoother stopping. This vehicle comes with 4-wheel anti-lock brakes.

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