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MPG (Gasoline) 16 / 12

MSRPfrom $32,080

Powered by:

* Based on SLT AWD 3dr Mini-Van



2004 GMC Safari

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In spite of the fact that the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this GMC is $32,080, some buyers may pay less.

Fuel Efficiency

As bigger vehicles, minivans are not typically as fuel conserving as sedans or smaller automobiles. They do offer savings by being able to transport greater numbers of people at one time. Where the van is driven also affects fuel conservation. The 2004 GMC Safari AWD SLT 3dr Mini-Van has a maximum mileage for city driving of 12 miles per gallon. The maximum when driving on the highway is 16 miles per gallon.


Buyers are not relegated to just the base-level model. They can also select from among these trim levels: 3dr Extended Mini-Van, 3dr SLE Extended Mini-Van, 3dr SLT Extended Mini-Van, AWD 3dr Mini-Van, AWD SLE 3dr Mini-Van, AWD SLT 3dr Mini-Van.

Drivetrain Specs

Minivans come with different drivetrains. This includes all-wheel drive on some models. The 2004 GMC Safari AWD SLT 3dr Mini-Van has AWD.

Cargo Space

Transmission Specs

Transmissions are made in different types. They affect how a minivan is operated and powered. This individual minivan can be purchased with A.

Steering Specifications


The inside and exterior colors available for the 2004 GMC Safari AWD SLT 3dr Mini-Van are: Onyx Black/Light Autumnwood Metallic, Onyx Black/Pewter Metallic, Dark Bronzemist Metallic/Pewter Metallic, Dark Toreador Red Metallic/Light Autumnwood Metallic, Dark Toreador Red Metallic/Pewter Metallic, Summit White/Light Autumnwood Metallic, Summit White/Pewter Metallic, Cadet Blue Metallic/Light Autumnwood Metallic, Cadet Blue Metallic/Pewter Metallic, Storm Gray Metallic/Pewter Metallic, Light Autumnwood Metallic, Dark Toreador Red Metallic, Summit White and Pewter Metallic for the outside and Pewter and Neutral for the inside.

Seating Capacity

Seating capacity is an important feature for many buyers. This automobile has a seating capacity that totals 8.

Rows of Seating

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