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MPG (Gasoline) 24 / 17

MSRPfrom $48,190

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* Based on XL Fleet 4x2 4dr SUV



2018 Ford Expedition

Below, you will have access to the most meaningful specs for the 2018 Ford Expedition 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV. Consider these specs to find the right SUV.

Mileage Specs

Some, but not all, SUVs tend to get lower miles per gallon than sedans. The 2018 Ford Expedition 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV gets 17 and 24 on average.

Trim Options

A vehicle’s trim level is comprised of the unique features and/or equipment that come with it. This particular SUV has 8 trim levels. The available options are the 4x2 Limited 4dr SUV, 4x2 Platinum 4dr SUV, 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV, 4x2 XLT 4dr SUV, 4x4 Limited 4dr SUV, 4x4 Platinum 4dr SUV, 4x4 XL Fleet 4dr SUV, 4x4 XLT 4dr SUV.

Engine Specifics

The engine on the 2018 Ford Expedition 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV is a Internal Combustion.

Drivetrain Specifics

The drivetrain dictates how the wheels of an SUV move, as well as its safety and effectiveness in various conditions.

Front-wheel drive SUVs gain engine power in the front wheels. This can lead to better fuel economy and better handling in winter weather.

SUVs with rear-wheel drive have power delivered to the rear wheels. Drivers enjoy better power, balance, and acceleration, but reduced performance in bad weather.

Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are the other drivetrain options. With four-wheel drive, all wheels have power, but the vehicle can be used in rear-wheel drive as needed. All-wheel drive SUVs either have power delivered to all wheels at all times or only when needed for improved traction.

The 2018 Ford Expedition 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV is a 4X2 vehicle.

Transmission Specs

The transmission impacts how an SUV functions and shifts between gears. With an automatic transmission, shifting happens without necessary driver engagement. Manual transmissions require the driver to change gears. Continuously variable transmissions, which do not use gears, and direct shift gearbox transmissions, which feature manual controls but an automatic clutch, are also common options. This sport utility vehicle has a A transmission.

Styling Specs

The outside or exterior of the 2018 Ford Expedition 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV is available in the following options: Shadow Black, Magnetic, Race Red, Ingot Silver, Oxford White, White Gold, Stone Gray and Blue. Likewise, the inside can be purchased in Ebony and Medium Stone.

Seating Details

This SUV can seat as many as 8.

Length of Vehicle

Some studies indicate bigger and longer vehicles are safer in a wreck. This vehicle’s length is 210.00.

Cargo Details

In the 2018 Ford Expedition 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV, cargo can be stored in the 20.90 cubic feet of cargo space.

Steering Details

A properly designed steering system allows for increased control over vehicles. This is particularly vital with larger vehicles, including SUVs. This Ford features a variable/speed-proportional steering system.

Interior Specs

With 2 rows of seating, this Ford has ample room.

Towing Specs

This vehicle has a maximum towing capacity of 9300 pounds.


The asking price for the 2018 Ford Expedition 4x2 XL Fleet 4dr SUV is $48,190.

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