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* Based on XLT 4dr SUV



2003 Ford Excursion

Here, you will discover the most vital specs for the 2003 Ford Excursion XLT 4dr SUV. Consider these specs to select the best SUV.


Trim Choices

Trim levels are different versions of a particular vehicle that are available. Typically, a vehicle will have a standard trim level, as well as trim options available for an additional price. The 2003 Ford Excursion XLT 4dr SUV is available in 6 trim levels, which include the 4dr XLT 4WD SUV, Eddie Bauer 4dr SUV, Eddie Bauer 4WD 4dr SUV, Limited 4dr SUV, Limited 4WD 4dr SUV, XLT 4dr SUV.

Engine Details

Internal combustion, hybrid, and electric engines are all common options on modern SUVs. This particular SUV has a Internal Combustion.

Drivetrain Specs

The drivetrain powers the engine’s wheels and makes forward momentum possible. One kind of drivetrain is front-wheel drive, which means that engine power is sent to the front wheels. Conversely, rear-wheel drive means power is directed to the back wheels. Four-wheel drive is when power is sent to all wheels but when a rear-wheel drive option is also available as required. With all-wheel drive, the wheels will either always have engine power or will only have engine power when better traction is necessary. Drivers of the 2003 Ford Excursion XLT 4dr SUV are equipped with RWD.

Transmission Specs

The transmission affects how an SUV functions and shifts between gears. With an automatic transmission, shifting happens without necessary driver engagement. Manual transmissions require the driver to shift gears. Continuously variable transmissions, which do not use gears, and direct shift gearbox transmissions, which feature manual controls but an automatic clutch, are also common choices. This SUV has a A, A, A, A transmission.

Styling Details

Some drivers are concerned with how their SUVs look, instead of merely how they perform. This particular vehicle can be purchased with the following interior colors: Medium Flint and Medium Parchment. Exterior colors include Red Fire Metallic, Oxford White, Medium Wedgewood Blue Metallic, Aspen Green Metallic, Silver Birch Metallic, True Blue Metallic and Black. .

Interior Specs

This SUV has seats for 9.

Vehicle Length

The 2003 Ford Excursion XLT 4dr SUV has a total vehicle length of 226.70.


The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for this vehicle is $37,230.

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