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MPG (Gasoline) 25 / 18

MSRPfrom $51,827

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* Based on Citadel AWD 4dr SUV



2021 Dodge Durango

Let’s review the most vital specs for this 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV. They provide vital information about a vehicle's comfort, handling, features, and more.

Mileage Specs

The average miles per gallon for city driving for the 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV is 18. On the highway, the average is 25.

Trim Levels

The 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV is available in 16 trim levels. These include the AWD Citadel 4dr SUV, AWD GT 4dr SUV, AWD GT Plus 4dr SUV, AWD Pursuit 4dr SUV, AWD R/T 4dr SUV, AWD SRT 392 4dr SUV, AWD SRT Hellcat 4dr SUV, AWD SXT 4dr SUV, AWD SXT Plus 4dr SUV, Citadel 4dr SUV, GT 4dr SUV, GT Plus 4dr SUV, R/T 4dr SUV, Special Service 4dr SUV, SXT 4dr SUV, SXT Plus 4dr SUV.

Engine Specifics

Engines come in three primary kinds. The 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV utilizes a Internal Combustion.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Some newer sport utility vehicles come with automatic emergency braking. This feature automatically engages a vehicle’s brakes when the system detects an possible collision. The 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV does have front and rear automatic emergency braking.

Drivetrain Specifics

The drivetrain dictates how the wheels of an SUV move, as well as its safety and effectiveness in various conditions.

Front-wheel drive vehicles gain engine power in the front wheels. This can lead to increased fuel economy and better handling in winter weather.

SUVs with rear-wheel drive have power delivered to the back wheels. Drivers enjoy better power, balance, and acceleration, but diminished performance in poor weather.

Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are the other drivetrain options. With four-wheel drive, all wheels have power, but the SUV can be driven in rear-wheel drive as required. All-wheel drive SUVs either have power delivered to all wheels at all times or only when needed for better traction.

The 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV is a AWD vehicle.

Transmission Details

This SUV can be purchased with a A, A transmission. Automatic transmissions shift automatically and may have some manual controls.

Manual transmissions require the driver to shift between gears as required.

Continuously variable transmissions do not use gears, change as needed, and are good for bettering gas mileage.

Automated manual or direct shift gearbox transmissions allow the driver to shift gears, but the clutch is engaged automatically.

Styling Details

Interior varieties for this Dodge are as follows:Black and Black/Ebony Red, while the exterior options are Octane Red Pearl Coat, White Knuckle Clear Coat, Billet Clear Coat, Destroyer Grey Clear Coat, In-Violet Clear Coat, Vice White, Reactor Blue Pearl Coat, Granite Clear Coat and DB Black Clear Coat.

Interior Specs

This sport utility vehicle can seat as many as 6.

Vehicle Length

The longer a vehicle is, the better the front protection. This sport utility vehicle has a vehicle length of 200.80.

Cargo Specifics

In the 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV, cargo can be stored in the 17.20 cubic feet of cargo space.


The 2021 Dodge Durango AWD Citadel 4dr SUV has 3 rows of seating.

Towing Capacity

This SUV has a maximum towing capacity of 6200 pounds.

Pricing Details

Sport utility vehicles are available at vastly different price points. For this particular one, the MSRP is $51,827.

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